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Badlands packs has been leading the industry for over 10 years. Badlands started out manufacturing some of the finest mountaineering packs in the world. Badlands technology was, and still is, the most cutting edge on the market, period.

However, every year when the leaves would change color our minds started to wander towards early scouting trips and hunting in the Uintah Mountian Range. It didn't take long to notice severe deficits in the quality of equipment available for the hunter.

So from that day on we have spent every waking day trying to make hunting packs and accessories that set a new standard in performance, design, and comfort that no other company in the world has been able to match

Badlands Legendary Warranty

We don't care what happened, or whose fault it was, we will fix it for free forever. We couldn't care less if you bought it at a garage sale or a gear swap, as long as it says Badlands, it's covered. All we ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so we can learn how to make our products even better.

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